Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Loup Gorges Oil Painting

The Loup Gorges by Marion Hedger
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
30x40cm (12"x16") 

This is the second painting in my 'Gorges' series. This is very close to where I live and I often visit here with my granddaughter who loves to paddle in the water and catch the fish fry.

This was started before my 'Tarn Gorges' knife painting posted earlier but only finished today. In fact, the painting was almost finished but I didn't realise it. It took me just 10 minutes or so to add some final touches. Funny how those final touches bring it all together. Can you see the old man in the rocks?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tarn Gorges - Oil Palette Knife Painting

Tarn Gorges
Oil on Canvas panel
35x27 cm (14"x11")
This is my first all knife painting from a very old photograph I found in the back of the drawer.
Unfortunately I got so carried away with painting that I completely forgot to take progress photos but here is a brief descripition of my progress:

I first drew in the large masses using a watercolour pencil and then blocked in the lights using warm colours and the darks using cool colours. I used a light yellow for the lightest part to make sure that this area would look nice and sunny. I then gradually added colour wet into wet, in an extra 3 to 4 layers. The first to make the colour look 'real', the second to break up the masses into 3 or 4 areas depending on the light, the third to refine the colour in the masses and the fourth layer for the refinement. I used only pure colour, mainly mixing it on the painting as I went along. I also worked to keep the shadows not too dark but just dark enough.
I am not sure about the look of the sky, and for my next knife painting I may blend the sky a little more. I have also had a suggestion that is needs to be warmed up a bit and have more recession on the left side. What do you think?
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